I’m a travel and lifestyle blogger on a mission to explore all the amazing corners of this planet earth with my touch of romance…

My blog consists of all the breathtaking destinations as well as curated travel guides and tips, while my Instagram showcases the best moments during my trips. By sharing my experiences, I hope to ignite that flame and inspire others to plan their next bucket list.

Born and raised in Orange County, California, I was always a small suburban town girl yearning for something greater. Growing up, my family and I used to take bi-yearly trips to Vietnam where I continuously learned about my culture after every visit. Those were truly my first experiences as a traveler and I am ever so grateful for it. After moving away to college, I became focused on my studies, but even during those high-pressure years, I found myself daydreaming of digging my toes in the same or being amongst the tallest skyscrapers. With the will-power and a plan, I made it happened and visited some of the most amazing cities in the states.

Post graduation with a degree in Bachelors of Science, Electrical Engineering, I excelled in my career truly love what I currently do in the aerospace and in-flight entertainment industry. My career has given me opportunities to climb the corporate ladder and fulfill my passion for traveling. However, that insatiable craving to travel and seek a new destination continues to grow inside me more and more every day. This feeling to wanderlust has gradually been overpowering all aspects of my life, and I realized this was a greater love I’ve encompass. Despite finding the balance between focusing on my degree-driven career versus the devotion to see the world. Being a full-time engineer and part-time adventurer is not easy, nonetheless, I can’t imagine it any other way!

Fast forward to today’s date, I am currently still based in Orange County, California. I own my own DSLR camera amongst other high-end gear to help document my travels so that I can tell my story. I’ve globe-trotted over 17 countries collecting some of my fondest memories and leaving only footprints behind. It’s become an essential part of my life that I never knew I lacked before. Being exposed to so many cultures of all types, it’s shaped my character and understanding, and enriched my knowledge. This is something you can’t learn in a classroom, no matter the price and degree you pay for.

I’ve worked with numerous photographers in the past, who’s understood my vision and helped make it into a reality. Each shoot is thoroughly planned, with all the right ingredients to create it,  and all my photos are edited by me with my personal presets. There’s a message or a story behind every picture; these moments I shared are postcards from me.