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I was stoked when KINDOM asked if they could dress me up for my recent Japan trip. Immediately after I said “yes” to this opportunity, Claire Powers, founder of KINDOM, shipped these dresses to me.

I knew I’d be in Japan for a little over a week, but wasn’t sure when or where I’d be wearing it. So I packed a few interchangeable items that could mix between my outfits and figured I’d decide when I get there. Japan is huge on style and fashion. It wouldn’t be hard for me to find something at a shop if I needed to.

The best part aside from wearing them was actually deciding how to wear them, and with what. I styled them to bring out my personality and conform to Japan’s conservative culture. When I got there, the weather was more on the colder temperatures. I kept in mind with ideas on how to keep warm while wearing a dress.

Kaile Cosmic Universe Convertible Dress

Shooting these dresses in the midst of busy Tokyo was exciting and fun. I received lots of stares from both the locals and other tourists. Some even turned their heads for an obvious stare and others took a picture for their own. Nonetheless, I thought the dresses matched perfectly with the vibe here.

These dresses are unique, limited, and made from reclaimed fabric and material. I love how versatile they are and can be worn in multiple lengths. Each row of the ruffles is lined with a zipper which can be unzipped to shorten the length. I wore them at max length because Japan was too cold. I even had to wear some thermal pants underneath.

Kaile Tropical Floral Convertible Dress

Mercy 3-way Convertible Dress

So what is KINDOM?

KIN = related; one’s family relations

Because humans and nature are created from the same building blocks of the universe, we are directly related to each other. We are KIN. We are of the same elements that make up the world around us and beyond the reaches of space. You are The Universe! Let’s build an environment where we are the responsible stewards of nature, living things, and each other. Let’s build a KINDOM.

KINDOM offers products using sustainable, natural, reclaimed, and indigenous materials. Staying true to the concept of slow fashion, each collection is limited and exclusive, due to the finite materials available. For more information on the materials we use, click here.

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