8 Instagrammable Spots of Santorini

I know what you’re thinking… who comes to Santorini just to visit Instagrammable locations? It’s not exactly like that though. I’d figure since I’ve already done the hours of research and struggled in real life to find these amazing spots, why not share it so you could save some time? Now you can spend less time searching for “the spots” and more time enjoying your holiday, and having some stunning pictures with jaw dropping backdrops!

1. Stairs of Oia
This is the spot that’s been blowing up lately. Almost every Instagram travel bloggers whose been to Oia has a picture like this on their feed. I’m not complaining though. How could you not want one here? It’s surrounded by basically the only pink house in Oia, while everything else is white, making this spot an unforgettable Instagrammable spot. Quite surprisingly, this spot is completely empty right during sunset time (since everyone is already at a more visible location to watch the sunset), so definitely give a visit during Sunset, or early morning before the cruise ships arrive (just like I did in the below pictures). Click here for the exact location on Google Maps. 

2. Bougainvillea Trees in Oia
There are so many bougainvillea trees all over Santorini and even crawling against the white walls, but the one I love the most is located in the center of Oia Town. This tree is quite popular as it serves as a great resting place for people as well as shade, during the day. This one is my favorite and most bloomed, standing tall and full. On both trips, I had a nice picture here but both times, I went early morning as my last picture stop. Click here for the exact location on Google Maps. 

3. Three Blue Domes of Oia
This is one the most iconic spot seen all over the internet when you search up Santorini! These blue domes have been photographed in different angles by thousands of people, yet people still visit this place everyday and take capture their own take. This place, however, is private property! Anyone can access the stairs leading to the 3 Blue Domes, but climbing over into the property is prohibited. We came early morning right before the sun rose just to get the place all to ourselves before others came, but due to its popularity, there were a few others already there. Definitely not recommended, but we daringly climbed into it for a few quick shots before anyone notices. Click here for the exact location on Google Maps.
4. Pink Bells of Oia
Another location that is absolutely going viral amongst the photographers and travel bloggers. Located about 10 meters away from the blue domes (you could literally see the three blue domes from here), it is quite easy to access. There are a little gate that you would have to open (if not already opened by others) and walk down the stairs and open the other gate on the right that leads to the pink bells. One of the places I’d definitely visit during sunrise to avoid the long queues to take a picture here. If you’re already stopping at the 3 Blue Domes, add this to your stop as well! Click here for the exact location on Google Maps.
5. Oia Castle
Oia Castle is just a short walk up above the Stairs of Oia. It’s everyone’s go-to area to watch the sunset over Oia every day, and also makes a great place to have Oia as your backdrop. Taking a picture here is not an issue throughout the day, as there’s plenty of space to do so. However, once sunset comes around, it’s best to come early to find a nice spot here, otherwise, you’d have many obstructions in your pictures. Click here for the exact location on Google Maps.
6. Windmill of Oia
This spot is definitely underrated. I haven’t came across a single picture on Instagram resembling anything close this exact spot or with the windmill as close as this. However, windmills in Mykonos has been very iconic, yet in Santorini, it isn’t! Finding this place is quite easy. There’s two other windmills in Oia, but this one is the easiest to get close to! Click here for the exact location on Google Maps.
7. Franco’s in Fira
We stumbled over this view after having a great lunch at Argo, which is a couple meters away from it.  We were heading back to our ATV and that’s when I saw all the stacked white homes and Franco’s in that little corner. I actually didn’t enter Franco’s but apparently it’s well known and serves great cocktails and much more! Their entrance served as a great spot just to get a picture with the white buildings in Fira. Click here for the exact location on Google Maps.
8. Painted Stairs in Firastefani
I can’t emphasize any more than I can now, to visit other towns in Santorini, other than Oia. You can find these types of hidden gems which makes your trip feel even more intimate and personal than anyone else’s. These stairs I found while walking in Firastefani was perfect. I loved how well kept and painted, outlined in white these stairs are, compared to the rundown stairs in Oia (no offense). As these stairs are a lot steeper too going down, you get an amazing backdrop of the Caldera. I have below two pictures, one taken on a cloudy day and the other just right before sunset. Click here for the exact location on Google Maps.
Of course there are plenty of Instagrammable locations on Santorini, and a few I didn’t list here are already well known. I like to give my trips a more personalize feel and share my experiences of places I thought was very instagrammable. Perhaps you will enjoy them and use them, when planning your Santorini getaway, and perhaps you’ll stumble across better ones!
Let me know what you think!


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