Exploring Osaka

We took a few train stations to these destinations in Osaka. Taking the train in Osaka is more expensive than Toyko, but everything here is definitely cleaner and less crowded. It’s a total different environment than Tokyo, which I actually enjoyed. These compilations of memories were taken on my first full day and partial second day in Japan.

On the first day, we spent most of our time here shopping around. They had multiple stories Zara, H&M, and many more stores that included desserts and pastries. Apparently, this was an infamous spot at the bridge, because of the big Glica sign in the back.


Past the bridge with the Glica sign, there is this part of the shopping plaza. This side had a giant F21 store and so many different restaurants to choose from.

Harukas 300

Basically, this is the tallest tower in Osaka. I’m not sure if it’s taller than the Sky Tree in Toyko, but this is very high up. We were the last ones there, and stayed till the very end of closing to enjoy my first night in Osaka. The sight is beautiful!
This street is full of African Americans selling kicks, hip hop stores like Stussy, and random shops. Sara was so intrigued with this candy store, we had to wait around and get her a cotton candy. This thing was bigger than my head! The wait for this cotton candy was about half an hour long, and we didn’t even finish it.



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