Dreamiest Dinner for Valentine’s Day

Celebrating our 2nd Valentine’s Day together felt like a milestone for me. This year, we were a bit extra and made reservations for Il Cielo in Beverly Hills for a nice dinner. I was so excited on going, as the Yelp pictures of the restaurant made it look so dreamy and romantic. However, my boyfriend went above and beyond that morning and surprised me with the biggest bouquet ever! Bigger than last year’s!

I was sleeping when my boyfriend had left early morning for some errands, and when I woke up, there it was, the most gorgeous baby breath wrapped 100 Hong Kong roses. He definitely earned boyfriend of the year in my book.

Our meals at Il Cielo were pre-fixed due to the demands on Valentine’s day. However, that didn’t stop us from enjoying our meals. Our dinner came with heart-shaped free-range Chicken Breast, Steak, and a heart-shaped chocolate dessert.
The decorations were beautiful and I definitely felt intimate sitting there. Although it was extremely crowded, I definitely felt we were alone in our little alcove in the corner.
Our 2nd Valentine’s spent together, and certainly not our last. Love you babe! ❤️

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