First Night in New York City

We have just landed in New York City at JFK around 4pm. We took the taxi all the way to our hotel near Times Square, but due to the holidays AND because it was Christmas Eve, there was an unbelievable amount of traffic everywhere! We finally checked into our hotel, settled in, and was ready to check off the first to-do things in our schedule.

Momofuku Noodle Bar
To be completely honest, this place sucks! I would not recommend going back here. The wait to be seated takes about a half an hour. Then, once you’re seated and have ordered, the food takes an additionally 40 minutes, and my coke is now warm and flat. They don’t give you enough broth for your noodles! This place feels like those pre-packaged noodles you would buy at the Asian supermarkets. Nevertheless, it was our first meal of the day, and for a meal that cost $60, we finished our meal and left. I really don’t get what the hype is about. ?__?
Babe ordered the Momofuku Spicy Miso (Chicken) and I ordered the Tonkotsu Miso.
It was our first time ever taking the subway, but we managed to find our way back around our area.
Bryant Park
It’s a small but cozy park, near Times Square. It has a pretty big decorated Christmas tree, with a small skating rink.
 Bryant Park Christmas tree – Beautiful decorated, and one of my favorite Christmas trees I’ve seen in New York City on this trip.
Times Square
 We walked about a couple stop lights, and have made our way onto Broadway Street. This was part of Times Square.
This was at 10pm at night on Christmas Eve, and it’s still so crowded!
The Press Lounge
This lounge is located in Ink 48 Hotel, where you are greeted by an elevator servicer who will check your ID, and take you to the 16th floor, to this lounge. The view is absolutely breathtaking, even though it is a bit foggy from the rain.


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