First Full Day in New York City

Artisanal Fromagerie Wine & Bar: For breakfast, we took Uber to this cute French place to have some breakfast.
It’s such a cozy place with a perfect lighting
We took the subway all the way to here. Brooklyn Bridge
Love Lock Bridge
(Midway on Brooklyn Bridge)
We knew that we were going to go to Brooklyn Bridge and had prepared a lock with our names on it so that we can attach it to the bridge and be part of the Love Lock Bridge.
The City <3
Halfway mark of the bridge. This bridge feels like a mile. Literally.
 World Trade Center
From Brooklyn, we took the subway here to visit the 9/11 Memorial.
9/11 Memorial
I really wanted to stand here and see how beautiful they have made the area that was once filled with ashes, but it was extremely cold and windy. My Go Pro suddenly stopped working at this point, so I was a bit frustrated.
Later that Christmas night, we took the subway uptown to Brasserie. We had made reservations here for a Christmas dinner. We got seated right away on the second floor in a cozy corner that we can look out into the streets. Oh, and the food was so delicious.
Appetizer: Cheese puffs. They were phenomenal, and definitely worth getting to start the meal. We ate all 8 puffs very quickly.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral 
The structure and design was definitely breathtaking.
We walked over to the Rockerfeller Center and passed by these lighted up trees.
Rockerfeller Christmas Tree
This was the infamous Christmas tree that everyone was dying to check out and see. Honestly, I’ve seen better looking trees and I felt like it was all hype. Nevertheless, it was a nice tree.
Ave. of The Americas
We were walking down the Rockerfeller center and saw these really oversized Christmas ornaments.

Times Square
Finally, it was near midnight, so we decided to walk back to our hotel. Along the way, we had to pass through Times Square. It was so crazy, we were standing on these flight of red stairs, and on the corner, there was a guy in a t-shirt at 43 degrees Fahrenheit, who is shuffling! He must be on something haha.


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