Another Day in New York City

City Bakery: We took the subway across town to this small bakery for their well-known hot chocolate and homemade marshmallows and their pretzel croissant. Babe saw the French toast, and had to try it out. Turns out, it was one of the best tasting and well-made French toast !
Pretzel Croissant, French Toast, & Hot Chocolate w/ Homemade Marshmallow
French Toast – It had so much flavoring.
L.A. Burdick
We walked down a couple blocks to this chocolate store to buy some handmade chocolate penguins and other varieties, but sadly it wasn’t open. Why not a picture in front of it; one for the books!

 Union Square Park

From L.A. Burdick, we walked through the Union Square Park to continue on our journey to our lunch destination. It smells pretty bad at this park from all the sewers and construction, lol.

Ippudo NY – East Village
They open at 11am, and by the time we got there (10:40am), there was already a line. Luckily, we were the 3rd pair in line standing. It is recommended to get there before it opens, or you might find yourself waiting for hours.
The pork buns are the best pork buns I have ever tasted! It was definitely fulfilling, and the meat is very tender.
We both ordered the Akamaru Modern with Nitamago (poached egg) and Bakudan (Ippudo original spicy paste).
We asked for fresh garlic as well, which they brought us whole garlic that we had to squish ourselves. I don’t know how much more fresh that can be, haha. The broth was delicious, consistent of flavor, and it was just the right spice.
FAO Schwartz
After lunch, we took the subway to uptown to take visit some of the stores in New York. We stopped at the famous and biggest toy store.

Babe stumbled upon these cute Boo ear muffs and had to get them for me because he thinks it’s cute. I totally agree and I love them!

On their first floor, they have a whole section of candies, chocolates, sweet, and oversized goodies that you will most likely not find anywhere else! Look at this huge red gummy bear hehe.

LOVE Sculpture
We walked down to the infamous LOVE sculpture in New York, which was put out as a display for the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA).
While we were waiting for Serendipity, we walked around the city and found this under rated Christmas tree. One word: gorgeous.
I believe this was part of some hotel near Madison street.

Dylan’s Candy Store 

We were in here for a good half an hour buying so many sweets. 🙂

We’re still walking around waiting for that 2 hour to pass by so that we can go back to Serendipity.

 Serendipity 3

After 2 hours of waiting, we were seating around 7:30pm for dinner. To be honest, the food was okay, but the whole point going here was for the famous frozen drinks, and the experience of the over-the-top decorations. Plus, it was in the movie: Serendipity.
Babe ordered the Chicken Char Char and I ordered the Steak Char Char
The best part… Dessert!!!
We ordered the Frrrozen Salted Caramel. It was so delicious and a must try here!
Finally, we ventured out to do some sightseeing.
Empire State Building
We bought tickets to go up to the 86th floor to be able to take a view of the city. There is an option to purchase to go up to the 102nd floor, but I don’t see how it’s worth an additional $30. You’re still going to see the same thing.
It was freezing cold up here!
My Boo earmuffs makes my ears and head feels so much warmer hehe. Thanks babe, once again! 🙂

Finally, we walked back towards Times Square, and along the way, we had to make a stop here.

White Castle
This was the moment I’ve been waiting for!!! We ordered 6 cheeseburger, 9 chicken rings, and fries to go, to bring back to eat at our cozy hotel, hehe. It is a must try when going to the East Coast!
My midnight cravings had been satisfied.

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