Last Day in New York City

Ippudo, Westside: Because we had such a good meal at Ippudo the day before, and we changed our plans for day 4 on our schedule, meaning we were no longer eating at our set place, we decided to take Uber to the closest Ippudo near us. The wait here was about 40 minutes when we got here at 11:40am.
We both ordered the Karaka-men with nikamago and bakudan, and also the fresh garlic. This was a tonkotsu broth, so it was extremely flavorful! 
Central Park
We took the subway all the way here, just to be able to experience the entire New York trip. 

Panorama of the the side of Central Park adjacent to the Museum of Natural Sciences

Shakespeare’s Garden in Central Park
We walked through, where we were able to go up this cute little castle and overlook the park.
I’ve been gifted macaroons from this place several times, but never actually gotten the chance to visit this place myself. Finally!

Deliciousness in a box!

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