One Degree Hotter

I am so happy to finally be able to call myself a college graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineer, UCR, Class of 2015! I honestly couldn’t have done it without the love and help of my mother for the past few years, along with sleepless nights, and a fuck ton of energy drinks.

My babe waiting with the biggest bouquet ever hehe.
It’s so fucken gorgeous! I love it so much! Thank you babe. You are the best !

I love you babe. You been there for the remainder of my college years, which is an important deal to me. I love you so much!


My college bestfriend, Diane, since day one. Actually, it’s pretty funny how the story goes. I was attending Summer Bridge at UCR, which is like a jumpstart program to attend the school and take a few clases to get ahead for the freshman year, and I saw her in the dorm restroom. She asked me what my nationality was, and then I asked her if she wanted to go shopping. That was 2010. Since, we’ve been bestfriends and pretty much inseparable.
Trident Crew; At some point of our college years, we all interned/worked for Trident LOL.
My ZET Big Bro Gus <3 I can’t believe we’ve been close all these years, despite me not affiliating with any sororities anymore.
My Japanese friend Hiro <3 I can’t believe he made it to my graduation while on his vacation.
My senior design partner, Jeremy. I guess without him, I wouldn’t have graduated :p I can’t believe we aced our project and ended our college with an A.
Mi familia<3
We went out to BJ’s as a graduation tradition afterwards. Thanks for coming out guys!

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