Rising over Temecula

On saturday morning, I had a delightful opportunity to ride in a hot air balloon over temecula, also known as wine country. It was a peaceful, yet thrilling experience that the babe made it possible to happen. February 20th marks our half-year since our first date, and we figured it was a big milestone in our lives. He booked us a hot-air balloon ride and had plans for wine tasting afterwards. Unfortunately, I was not a morning person and grew tired, thus ending our day early and skipping out on wine tasting. Nevertheless, I had a great time, and the babe always makes me feel so loved.

The story goes: a french guy invented a hot-air balloon, and brought champagne on his ride to bring to wherever the balloon takes him, as champagne stands for france at that time. Unfortunately, his balloon didn’t get far, but landed successfully, so he celebrated by drinking champagne after flight. In honoring that tradition, we came back to the vineyard, and toasted with champagne. I added some orange juice in mine for a mimosa.

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