A Different Type of V-Day in 2020

Every year since the beginning of my boyfriend and I’s relationship, I wrote a dedicated Valentine’s Day post. However, you won’t find all of them on this site since I hid the ones I felt were cringeworthy.

This year, we happened to be in Taiwan for my bestie’s wedding during Valentine’s Day weekend. We never travel during this time of the year but for my best friend, it’s an exception. Valentine’s Day happened to be the day before her wedding too, and it seemed reasonable we would go out for dinner, per usual date type.

For our Taiwan trip, we shared an Airbnb with our friends, Jenni and Dang. We went out everywhere together during this trip so of course, we decided to double-date on this special day.

Wagyu 47 was recommended by my bestie’s now-husband whose opinion I would trust when it comes to any recommendations in Taiwan. This place has a limited amount of window seatings so my bestie made a reservation 2 weeks in advance for us. I highly suggest you do the same if you’re planning on dining here.

Around 8 PM that evening, we took a 10 minute uber into the main Taipei city area. Across Taipei 101 is a huge building called Taipei Nan Shan Plaza. We walked through the doors, into the elevator, and up to the 47th floor where Wagyu 47 is located. Before we could get any impressions of this place, our temperatures were checked (due to the coronavirus fears). After everyone was cleared, our host led us into the restaurant where I was impressed by the decor and ambiance. Every window table had the perfect view of Taipei 101 since it is literally across the street. I had no expectations going into this dinner really. I just wanted to go here because it was highly recommended and I wanted pictures of the view. I thought ok, it may be a few dishes we can order, share, and leave. I had an appointment with a nail salon to after I finish dinner so I was also hoping it wouldn’t take that long.

To our surprise, this place exceeded any wagyu place I’ve ever eaten! It was a 9 freaken course meal dinner with different slices of meat to taste. I was tasting their Winter Course Set; their course sets changes seasonally. I couldn’t believe the amount of food placed on the table. I had no idea it would be such a massive dinner. Every dish and the plating were perfect, the flavors were impeccable. I really love how the server brought out the meals, explained them (though I’ve forgotten them now), cooked them, and even demonstrated how to properly indulge in them.

I’m not a foodie, a food blogger, or a fine diner. Normally, I crave McDonald’s after walking out of some fancy restaurant. But this time was different. This is the spot for all your wagyu meat lovers. Every piece of wagyu exploded in flavors inside my mouth.  The pieces were so tender, with so many ways to indulge. One of the course had white truffle mixed in egg yolk as a sukiyaki sauce to dip the wagyu! I also learned that night white truffle is way more expensive than black truffle, but I forgot why.

So when I say, this was just an incredible meal, I truly mean it because I don’t say it about every meal. We all thought we’d be blowing a good amount of our Taiwan spending on this dinner, but to our surprise, it wasn’t bad! For four of us, the total including service charge came out to be around $700 USD. You would never see this time of price for a dining experience like that back in the states.

And of course, with such a long course of meals, this easily took three hours to finish. In the end, we also got our own desserts and our choice of coffee or tea to wake us up from the food coma they put us in, haha. I don’t remember the last time I ate dinner for three hours. So if you’re planning on dining here, give yourself around that amount of time. I didn’t get to the nail lady until almost midnight!

Taking pictures here definitely was a challenge for my boyfriend and I. We always shoot with the 35mm, but this place required a wider lens. On top of that, the lighting wasn’t great. Dang came in clutch with his Sony A7Rii, his wide 24mm, and a nice pocket led light and saved the day. Truly grateful we have different camera setups and was able to work together to both achieve what we wanted not only this night but for the entire trip. 🙂

I obviously don’t want to make you hungry by showcasing all nine amazing courses so if you’re interested, you can check out the full menu in my highlights. Below are some of my favorite dishes during this experience which might convince you to book your next reservation here. Enjoy!


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